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Dianrong, 13 April 2017
Soul Htite, an original co-founder of Lending Club and now the founder of Dianrong, a marketplace lending platform in China, compares the development of peer-to-peer lending between the US and China, and reveal plans for a new supply chain financing platform in the country.

Looksharp, 17 February 2017
WayUp is making its first acquisition — it’s buying the similarly focused Looksharp.

Dianrong, 17 January 2017
Dianrong, a Chinese P2P lending pioneer and technology leader announces that 2016 loan originations reached approximately 16.23 Billion RMB, representing a 148% increase over 2015. Growth in loans issued was funded by an astonishing 3.62 million investors, illustrating the breadth and scope of Dianrong’s business model.